The Reviewer

There’s a question people ask that I always struggle to answer; how do you spend your spare time?  The awkward question usually arises in unnatural and uncomfortipbq04eWable circumstances with high levels of pressure. For example, a job interview. Those circumstances in which you question ‘why do my hobbies determine if you should give me a job flipping burgers and dunking fries?’.
Aside from that, my brain automatically goes into overdrive- what answer do they want? Do I need to be a secret burger taster? A meat connoisseur? Regularly attend fry conventions and keep up to date with potato farming…?
My palms are sweaty and I think of a million ways to not simply say ‘I like to sit on my bum and watch films’.
To avoid those sarcastic undertones of ‘Oh….so you don’t have any hobbies apart from watching films?’  I have decided to sit on my bum further, but this time to review said films.
There are a lot of bum sitting, film watching locations you can regularly find me in. Our sofa is my favourite of all, closely followed by our local cinema (shout out to Cineworld Unlimited) finishing with my bed for those lazy, chick flick days.
Without boring you with my ASLUDJEOBFAM (age, sex, location, university, degree, job, and every, other, boring, fact, about, me) this is my blog, and here are my film reviews.
To enjoy or not to enjoy, that is the question….



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