London Has Fallen (2016)

President of the United States Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhartagain finds himself amidst a terrorist/kidnapping/endoftheworldasweknowit situation only 3 years after his first  during Olympus Has Fallen (2013). It really makes you wonder, where the hell is this President going so wrong? Apart from the obvious fact he has hired a bunch of gasping morons to take care of his immediate safety of whom I have absolutely no idea what they add to A) the security team and B) the film. Between them they shared 3 lines and around 1,000,000,000 gasps. The President has made a vast amount of enemies in his short term of 3 years, and with his re-election approaching, I doubt there will be ‘has Fallen’ part 3 around the corner.

As it seems the President left his security team in a small room back in the USA, whilst him, Mike (Gerard Butler) and 3 other people head to London for the Prime Ministers funeral. Where every western leader would be in the same room at one time (nothing shouts ‘set up’ quite so loudly).

It was relieving to learn the Royal Family would be attending a separate service, as the film went on it became increasingly obvious that the British were being portrayed as pretty useless. And no Brit likes to see an American interpretation of the Royal family, we just love our Queen too much for that.

Expanding on the whole ‘The Brits are useless’ theme which is the continuing tone through the entirety of the story. Every London emergency service has been taken over by the terrorists, the police force, the ambulance service and even a mole in the MI6. All of which resonated no whisper or suspicion amongst the entirety of Scotland Yard. Considering this element is the basis to the entire story, its a pretty unrealistic and unbelievable plot line.
Putting the plot to one side the film had masses of action, gun scenes, bombs, drones, grenades, assault rifles you name it (bearing in mind guns are illegal in England so again, another unrealistic undertone to the MASS of weaponry which made it into an island country with NO element of suspicious raised…). The action scenes where executed perfectly and I would go as far in saying they were edge of your seat worthy, with literal nail biting moments from myself. The unfortunate thing was the downtime between the action scenes. The acting left something to be desired which is shocking to say considering the line up of big names, including Gerard Butler  and Morgan Freeman. The diamond in the rough for me would have been English actress Charlotte Riley.  An actress whom I personally know little about, outshone her Hollywood big named co cast, and was the only real talent on screen.

Overall  London Has Fallen (2016) is a must see if you love action and also a good laugh. The sassy one liners from Gerard Butler caused a little giggle, but the poor acting, stereotypical costume department and clichéd British personalities were where the real laughs took place.


starstarstar– I enojoyed it. Its watchable, however very far down the list

Star of the show:

Charlotte Riley

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