Americana (2016)

This will be my first ‘and probably other stuff’ review and I am very excited to shout about something as amazing as Americana.

Americana is a refreshing, passionate new musical in which you can throw away any theatre knowledge you may have. Americana is here to break the rules in all ways possible.

The story contains all sorts of critical and modern social issues America (and the rest of modern day society) are facing right this second. Racism, political radicalism, religion, bullying, violence (mainly gun violence – after all this is America…) and most importantly the struggle people face as they learn who their true selves are, their sexuality and have to boldly face a homophobic society.

Based in a small town in south America it is clear from the get go prejudice has thrived in this area for years and this attitude has imprinted along the generation line into the High School children we meet on stage.

As openly gay David (Laurence Schuman) and the high school jock Brody (Jake Morgan) form a romantic bond that must be kept secret, loyal and open minded Jackson (Sienna Sebek) fends off the army of Donald Trump fanatic mean girls. The dream is to graduate High School in peace and travel the open roads living the American dream, but nothing worth having ever came easy…

The actors really knew how to pull at the audiences heart strings and portrayed their characters with such professionalism. It is amazing to me that they only had 8 days to learn and rehearse the script. Their confidence was always present on stage and the fight for their characters was burning in each and everyone of them.

The music and songs were on another level. The lyrics were relevant, passionate and very catchy. I found myself singing towards the end and I have not been able to stop since. The band were exceptional. The  violin and cello were really beautiful and added to each emotional engagement with the characters. All of the actors where exceptional singers and the harmonies where on point. I really need to shout out about Jackson (Sienna Sebek) who had a beautiful, passionate voice and The Man (David Haydn) who really nailed the grunge and gravely vibes throughout the performance.

The script and story were outside the lines of any sort of ‘amateur’ writers league and honestly it could compete up there with the big guys. Every ounce of detail was spectacular from the stage production, costume design all the way to the casting. This really was an amazingly produced piece of artwork and it is the perfect time in society for it to thrive.

I am looking forward to see where the Hungry Bitches Production will take Americana and I will bet my bottom dollar it will be all the way to the West End.

For a taste:

Leather – Americana


starstarstarstarstar– That was pretty epic

Star of the show:

Sienna Sebek

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