Zootropolis (2016)

It seems Walt Disney Animation Studios have done it again! They have created the perfect animation which relates to both children and adults. Magnificently implementing strong current social issues present across today’s society, and resolving those issues the only way Disney knows how – with solidarity and love.

zoo2From the tallest giraffe to the fattest elephant, right down to the cutest wee mouse, Zootropolis has every animal going. Of course not forgetting Zootopia‘s (2016) (US Name) pop sensation Gazelle (Shakira) – who’s catchy song i cannot get out of my head.

When adorable bunny Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwindecides she wants to be a police officer, everyone takes it upon themselves to ridicule her and her ‘irrational’ dreams as everyone knows bunny’s can’t be Police Officers.  Just like the lovable fox Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman)  can’t be anything more than sly, or predators cant be anything more than vicious killers.
As fellow bunny’s ask Hopps to ‘Let It Go’, she continues her journey to prove everyone wrong and show the world what bunny’s can really do when they put their mind to it.

In a world with such a large presence of prejudice and stereotypical behavior this film is such a great tool that can be used to not only teach the next generation that anyone can be anything- but also to express the fact that when you get everything you ever wanted, you still have to work hard at it; nothing good ever came easy.
zooWith undertones of adult humor throughout, my favorite being Flash (Raymond S. Persi) the friendly Sloth choosing a not-so-ideal career at the DMV, the expressive need for political correctness; ‘only bunny’s can call other bunny’s cute, you can’t’, and such lovable characters this animation has really resonated with me. It is is such a great must see- feel good movie. No matter what age, you will be laughing out loud all the way through!


starstarstarstar-That was really good!

Star of the show:

Jason Bateman

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