The Jungle Book (2016)

It is a well known fact among my inner circle that I am a huge fan of all things Disney. JunglebookThis is especially true for everything which directly involved Walt Disney himself. From the moment the The Jungle Book (2016) trailer was released, I felt nothing but excitement. The The Jungle Book (1967) was the final film Walt Disney worked on and passed away during its production. This modern day animation and recreation The Jungle Book (2016) is in true homage to him and everything that he believed in.

Just like Cinderella (2015),  The Jungle Book (2016) came as quite a surprise in the revamp world of Disney animations. At first it felt like these classics did not need a revival and were best kept alone. However, this could not be any less true for The Jungle Book (2016).  Everything about the film was spectacular. The story was true to the original along with the catchy songs we all know and love, and it really was amazing to see characters that everyone holds so dearly brought to life in the animal kingdom.

jagThe picture was truly mesmerizing. Throughout the film I could not stop staring at the beauty
of Bagheera‘s (Ben Kingsley) coat. As he glided across the screen with the silky smooth perfection of light reflecting from him really made you feel like this Jaguar was real. His movements and actions mimiced perfectly from what you owuld expect to see in a wildlife documentary. And this was the same for all the different animals throughout the film. Gray (Brighton Rose) is another great example of a character we all know and love, projected on screen in a beautiful real life animation. The visuals where truly spectacular. 

In anticipation of the new film I was at first very sceptical about Neel Sethi who would be portraying Mowgli. When involving such new fresh talent especially someone as young as Neel Sethi, it can only go one of two ways. After watching it is very clear to see Neel Sethi is a great talent. THE JUNGLE BOOKHe would have spent the entirety of the film acting with mostly voice overs and puppets , with little to no facial reactions to bounce off of from his fellow actors; what you see on screen really is a great talent that some experienced actors 5 times his age should be envious of. Neel Sethi made this film what it is and he is a true star with a bright future ahead of him. Overall it is a real shame that Walt Disney as someone with his inspiring vision passed before he could really see the true potential of what Walt Disney Studios could accomplish.


starstarstarstarstar– That was pretty epic

Star of the show:

Neel Sethi

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