Central Intelligence (2016)

Central Intelligence in ‘How to make the perfect American comedy’;

High school + bully victim + most popular kid in school + high school reunion 20 years later = a great American comedy.

Central Intelligence has a great story line, and most importantly its easy to follow. It contains CIevery aspect of an all round loved American comedy film (or any American film for that matter).

As the story commences there is a sense of relatability in the air across the audience. Everyone has been to high school, and everyone has been in at least one of the characters shoes. Whether that’s the bully’s victim Bob Stone (Dwayne Johnson), the most popular kid in school Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart), the bully himself Trevor (Dylan Boyack & Jason Bateman) or a spectator watching from the sidelines Maggie (Danielle Nicolet). That is what this film has very intelligently (mind the pun) implemented. Once you have the relatability factor with the audience, essentially…the rest is history….

206853H4As the film moves to present day, it becomes apparent that both Bob Stone and Calvin Joyner‘s personalities are much reflective of the people they where in high school. For example, Calvin Joyner is married to his high school sweetheart Maggie and Bob Stone is still a little weird (maybe even weirder with his unicorn shirt and bum bag, or should I say ‘fanny pack’ as the Americans call it). This is where the story begins to take a turn. We learn that Bob Stone is a member of the CIA and needs Calvin Joyner‘s expert accounting skills to help him solve a case.

central-intelligence-dwayne-johnson-kevin-hart-1200x800As the two get deeper and deeper into it, it is clear how much the duo connect. Apart from the way that they look; a pocket sized Kevin Hart in comparison to…well you know Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, the two really have a great comedic connection, and their personalities bounce right off of each other.

Adding to these two great talents, there are also a few familiar-to-the-comedy world faces. Jason Bateman returns as the older Trevor (the high school bully), Amy Ryan as Agent Pamela HarrisAaron Paul as Bob Stone‘s trusted partner Phil and Melissa McCarthy as Darla, Bob Stone‘s high school sweetheart. Although all big names not only in comedy but across a range of film / TV genre’s, their roles where quite minor. But you know what they say; a minor role in the film world is still an important one, and they most certainly owned each character individually.

As the level of relatability slowly balanced with a very unlikely situation, I found myself imagining what I would do in the same situation, with the people that I knew from high school. And that boys and girls, was the key to success with this film; laugh out loud one liners, a perfect comedy duo, and pure relatability. Ace film.


starstarstarstar-That was really good!

Stars of the show:

Dwayne Johnson

Jason Bateman

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