Jason Bourne (2016)

Here we are again with a brand new Jason Bourne (2016) movie. As we settle down in our seats, unpack our popcorn and enjoy the adverts and upcoming trailers, we all know how the next 2 hours are going to play out. The shocking return of Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) after years of deactivation and the presumption of death, the return of the only person left in Bournes life he trusts Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles), the old school bad guy related to the infamous Treadstone case CIA Director Robert Dewey  (Tommy Lee Jones) and plenty of action and violence. I was secretly hoping for a good magazine or book neck jab, lets face it that’s one of the main reasons I love a good Bourne film. 

The story begins with Nicky committing a federal crime by stealing classified information
from the CIA which includes information about Bourne, his family, his history and of course Treadstone. This leads to her finding Bourne to help her bring down the agency.

It becomes very apparent Bourne is still living a violent lifestyle. The days of him trying to settle down and live a normal peaceful life unfortunately have died alongside Marie (Franka Potente) in the The Bourne Supremacy. This makes the transition into going back to his old spy ways a lot easier than we have seen in previous films. The basis shows that Bourne can’t live without the violence, he can’t live without the adrenaline of the chase, and consequentially, can he really live without the CIA?

My only wish for this film would to see more character development for Bourne. We know he has compassion and we know that he wants to lead a normal life. Yes, he has been trained by the CIA, he has history of violence and maybe he will never get over Marie. However, as the protagonist we all know and love and one we have watched for 14 years; we want Jason Bourne to be happy. We want to see him settle down into a normal life and live happily ever after. Who knows – a tip for the next movie?

As much as the story begins quite predictable (and I would say ends pretty much exactly as you would expect) this doesn’t take away from the fact that is a great watch; like all of the Bourne films. Although, I do feel there is a serious lack of some of Bournes classic book and magazine tricks. Although he does engage into a fight to the death with a copper pot.


starstarstarstar-That was really good!

Star of the show:

Matt Damon

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