Star Trek Beyond (2016)

The world is full of a lot of good old Trekkies and I have to admit I am definitely one of them. The years watching the various Star Trek series’ as I grew up with my dad hold a lot of great memories. Every time a new Star Trek film comes out I am more and more excited for its arrival.  And this was no different for Star Trek Beyond (2016). As this year marks the 50th anniversary of the original series of Star Trek, a lot rides on this films success.

We start on board the U.S.S. Enterprise amidst it’s 3 year trip into uncharted space. This is so the crew can try and build alliances on behalf of the federation to stretch the solidarity and unity of many different species across the stars. (Easter egg; according to 50 new species were introduced during the movie to mark the 50th anniversary of the TV series). Under the orders of Captain James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) with Commander Spock (Zachary Quinto) by his side, it is clear the team have been on many adventures as they near the end of their trip and crave the comfort of a planets gravity. This leads the Enterprise to a Star Base; Yorktown. As the team starts to settle for a break from space soon enough they are called forward for a rescue mission. As always, the ‘rescue’ mission is not as it seems for the crew. Here is were the usual story line of Star Trek films take a little bit more of a twist. It truly seems the crew and mainly  Captain Kirk may not be able to get themselves out of this one. 

The movie continues to be very true to the TV series as it begins to delve into the different relationships the Enterprise holds. We begin to learn about different characters including Sulu‘s (John Cho) personal life which is very respectful to the original actor of Sulu (George Takei). The development of these characters is much deeper than we have seen in previous Star Trek movies and it is really paving the ways for future movies.

Capture.PNGAs we know Leonard Nimoy sadly passed away last year. With such a delicate subject for Trekkies, I was very intrigued in how the series would move forward as ambassador Spock  (Leonard Nimoy) had featured in Star Trek Into Darkness. And i have to say, this was presented very beautifully. A single picture of ambassador Spock‘s past helped Commander Spock to decide which path his future will take. 

As a Trekkie this movie contained everything I wanted and more. A part of me wishes this was the television series and I could tune in next week to watch the next installment. 

But for now, I am satisfied knowing the future holds great things for Star Trek. 

Don’t forget to live long and prosper šŸ––šŸ¼



starstarstarstar-That was really good!

Star of the show:

Sofia Boutella

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